“What The FM I Sill Doing Up Radio” Was A Hit!


This past week I was able to channel my inner-DJ and go back to my old radio show host roots with our latest project. The assignment was to create a 20 minute radio show that included an intro, outro, music, bumpers, an audio effect all on the program GarageBand. Our professor explained to us how students in the past have really enjoyed doing this project, and to be honest, I couldn’t wait to get started.

Freshman and sophomore year in college, I was a host of my own sports talk show on the WSUC radio show here at SUNY Cortland. It wasn’t a requirement for a class or anything, I did it because I wanted to. I took a public speaking class in high school and found all the speaking and presenting very easy, so I knew that talking on a live radio show for this project would not be an issue for me. With saying that, I also had to learn how to work the switchboard and audio vault they had in the studio, which was not my expertise. “Just set it up and tell me when we’re on” I used to say, but I couldn’t say the same to my partners/co-hosts Kim and Cassie. I knew this was going to be a lengthy project, so I knew we were going to need chemistry and teamwork. Sure enough, as soon as we met up and began to brainstorm our outline, we got the ball rolling and things were looking good. But o wait…

Ever say to yourself, “Man that would suck if that ever happened…”? Well, some dreams come true, right? As if the fates knew we were getting too cocky with our progress, with just a few clicks our project was half gone.This was no dream; it was a nightmare! I heard the two most subtle words that you don’t ever really want to hear from your partner: “O no.” In between our amazing commercials and funny callers, some of our recordings were deleted and progress was lost. After a brief two minute freak out, we sat back down and collected ourselves because we knew time was against us and we needed to get back into it if we ever wanted to finish.

This time around, we took everything a bit more serious and with a little more caution. NOTE TO EVERYBODY: SAVE YOUR WORK. We had to re-record segments and bumpers we already did, but this time it came out sounding more smooth and natural because it was like reading from the brain, not the page. Our voices were calm and collective (except during the white girl freak out by Kim), but our minds were filled with concern. Should we keep going at it tonight? Are we even going to get this done? This was an intense moment for us, but we came together and pulled through to complete with no other flaws. Kim took the liberty of watching a half hour long documentary on how to use GarageBand, just because she knew that we had to figure it out or else we would be in trouble. It’s effort like that from group members that motivate you to do your part.

Please listen to our radio show and imagine a radio show that is meant to be a hotline for college students stressing out over homework and deadlines. Listen to how we tried to take on the different personalities of college students, while still using our own to create the right segment. We each put our own style into the project and it ended up coming out like we know what we are doing or something.

My job was easy; be creative and be funny. You got it! Coming up with commercial and caller dialogue came easy to me as we each did our own little part to help get us back on track. When it was all said and done, our project turned out great and we can’t wait to let everyone else hear it. We hit rock bottom when some content was deleted, but kept our heads up and carried on. I am extremely happy with the result and even more proud of our team.


8 thoughts on ““What The FM I Sill Doing Up Radio” Was A Hit!

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  2. Ryan,

    It’s always nice learning something new about your friends. With that said, I can’t believe I didn’t know that you were a host on SUNY Cortland’s radio section. However, now that I know, I can totally see it.

    I can totally empathize with your experience of loosing half your radio show, although we only lost two minutes or so, and we were actually able to find the rest. Thank God, because I too, much like Kim, would have had a ‘white girl freak out.’ I loved the idea of your show; I think it gave you quite a bit to work with. From talking about Waterworks, the Memorial Library, and the gas station, you definitely did bring the SUNY Cortland experiences of getting homework done home! I also enjoyed hearing you all host as trying “to take on the different personalities of college students.” Ryan, I think you did a great job of accomplishing your goal of being funny and creative.

    I think the music that you all used was a hit. It related to the theme and was timeless and relevant. Your commercials were also professional and seemed as if you had been creating commercials for a very long time! I personally really enjoyed the gym commercial specifically.

    I especially enjoyed the “My Favorite Caller” segment with the caller Kelly, aka Kimmy, calling in and having a panic attack at the library. Her experiences staying up late, reading four chapters, submitting assignments by midnight, and writing objectives, seems like an experience I know all too well! I think it was only appropriate that she won, ultimately.

    Thank you for sharing your creative show, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening!

  3. Ryan, I knew I would be a huge fan of this radio show just hearing your team in the media room next door. Your introduction is great with the rhyming. Your conversations are organic and they flow so well; it’s clear that you and your team are comfortable together and are having fun. The Sham-smart commercial is so good and sounds like something I’d actually hear on the radio.
    I’m sitting next to Jen in the library right now listening and am literally laughing out loud. All of this is just too true for an AEN major at SUNY Cortland. We all know how crazy our insomnia makes us.
    “…Pencil curls to get those fingers loose” I literally love this whole thing. I wish my team had block members so we could’ve done something like this. So jealous!
    All of your songs about being tired, staying up all night, and frustration all flow into this radio show seamlessly.
    I can completely relate to the part of your blog where you say that you never want to hear your team member say “Oh, no.” In the eleventh hour, I realized a minute and a half of my show was messed up and I had to add in my own piece recorded by myself at 11:00 the night it was due. This project was definitely time consuming and frustrating, and groups just have to turn to humor to tackle such a difficult task. Great job to you Kim, and Cassie- it was great!

  4. I really like your intro to your radio show! You had great enthusiasm. I also thought that your theme was pretty cool as well your radio show name (really clever). You guys had a great flow going where it sounded like you guys were just bouncing off ideas from each other which made it seem natural. Also, great song choices. It definitely fits to your audience and to the theme of your show. It seemed well planned and natural at the same time. I understand where you are coming from with frustration from garage band, we had the same feeling!

  5. I loved the concept of your radio show. It was really amusing, and the name was very creative. I liked the laugh track you added in after Ryan’s jokes. I also liked how all the songs and topics you talked about where all centered around the general concept of sleeping or lack there of. The commercials were really amusing. They were also very relevant to the college listener. It was creative having callers and helping them with their problems and using music to comment on what the caller said. This is actually a radio show that I would seriously listen to. All the songs you played are songs that I enjoy. I kind of wish that this was a real radio show. It would do very well with the college crowd, and it is well composed. Your sound effects help add to the conversation and aren’t overused. I also liked how you added in a twitter handle like a real radio show. Overall, this was very believable and really fun to listen to.

  6. First off, I love the title of your radio show. It’s hysterical and really catchy. You guys seemed like you had a lot of fun doing this. I loved the theme of this show as well; insomnia is something every college kid can relate to. You had great commercials and bumpers, I felt like I was listening to legit radio show and not just a class project. Really great job!

  7. I really enjoyed listening to your radio show. I loved that you choose topics that were very easy to relate to as a college student which made the show that much more interesting. The usage of music that you incorporated into the show helped to make it more relate able. I really enjoyed the music choice also since they were great songs that any crowd would enjoy listening to. I feel that you guys really thought out what you wanted to talk about and who your audience was going to be due to the information that you were talking about. You guys did a great job! The show was very enjoyable to listen to.

  8. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed this radio show! First off, the title of the show itself is super clever, I just love it. Ryan’s obnoxiously corny jokes actually made me chuckle. The pacing of the show was great too as a collective whole, I never found myself bored while listening due to the inclusion of sound effects and constant changing of host and songs. You guys really did a good job keeping the listener engaged. Most importantly, what I think your group did an excellent job on was remaining topical. The show had a consistent theme that was supported not only through the dialogue of the hosts, but the commercials and even the songs! Super impressed guys, outstanding product.

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